All builders and vendors of new homes must hold a valid licence with the HCRA.

  • A builder of new homes must be licensed as a builder
  • A vendor of new homes must be licensed as a vendor
  • A builder who builds and sells new homes must be licensed as a builder/vendor
  • A builder who builds contract or custom homes on land owned by the owner of the home must be licensed as a vendor and builder

A person planning to build their own home may be an owner-builder and may not need to be licensed as a builder provided that they do not sell the home once they have completed construction. (When in doubt, please contact the HCRA. If a person who plans to have a builder build their home for them, they should confirm the builder is licensed by the HCRA and that their new home is enrolled with Tarion prior to signing a contract.)

Before you begin the application process, you should determine whether you meet the definition of a “builder”, “vendor” or “vendor/builder” and if the structure you are building meets the definition of “home.” These definitions can be found on the HCRA website.

To start your application for a licence, navigate to the Applications & Renewals page under your Profile.